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Tulane Pictures



One day Desiree chose to go to

A very nice school known as Tulane U.


Fortunately for her, as fate would have it

In her new room, her and Dina would sit.


Now Dina is awesome, but could sometimes be crude

But to shut her up you would just need some food.


So this began a crazy adventure in N-O

Where it turns out only psycho people go.


For instance, there is Maggie quite a cool teen,

But to Dina, she is very mean.


There is also Matt, of whom Maggie is proud

But at the Rat, he makes his laugh really scary and loud.


Then there is sweet Desiree, with Nick, her honey.

Poor Desiree always starts every humorless story with you wanna hear something really funny?


There is Chris, a Minnesotan, who says things like Rut Beer

Who laughs at EVERYTHING and makes himself tear.


Theres Angel with her sausage and her phrases like neat-o.

And in the bathroom is where she is known to leave a burrito.


There is Sarah, a cutie, who is a very bubbly chick,

And absolutely adores her friend named Nick.


Michelle is another member who has PB&J

And will someday use me for my connections to Thursday.


There is Shelby our RA who likes to make stir fry

Which we affectionately call Chinese Nerve Gas That Hurts the Eye


We also have to mention Tim, who went too heavy on the sauce

And if you are Minnesotan, that last line should rhyme with gross



These are some pics that are from my first year at Tulane in New Orleans...

Ian is getting some love from me and Angel at Mardi Gras

This is me and Chris doing what we did best...nothing

Hehe. This is Sara and I at Decadence

This is a post it of Newkie that Chris drew

Linz, Dez, Angel, Maggie, and Racheal getting ready to celebrate my bday! YAY!

And this depicts our RA's cooking habits

Maggie, Sara, Chris, Lisa and I having an awesome dinner at the Cheesecake Bistro

Lindsey and I sharing a quality hug

Desiree dared me to fall back on my mattress...:)


Dina's Pictures