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Dina's Page
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My Favorite Music

You should all invest some time and effort into loving the Barenaked Ladies, although I know you probably don't agree...

Check out their official website!!


Here is a sampling of my favorite song from each album they released...


Maybe You Should Drive

Born On A Pirate Ship



Greatest Hits

Everything To Everyone

I am also a big fan of the band Guster...also worth your time!

Here is Guster's Official Site.


Here are some Guster songs that are my favorites...



Mona Lisa

All I Want

They even responded to an e-mail that I sent them :)
hey!  why did you leave tulane?
                                        we planned a show just for you and 
                                       then you were gone!  no current plans for rutgers, but if you know people on the
                                       concert-planning committe, ask them to look into having us.  we can't 
                                       show up at a school unless we're invited, after all.
                                       but hey, duncan's actually pretty good.