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Me and Forensics

My goal is to become a forensic profiler one day :)


The best show on TV about forensic science (in my opinion) remains Forensic Files.  You should check out the link to find out more about the show.

Forensic Files

This is a description of my favorite episode of Forensic Files.
"Bad Blood: The Case of Dr. John Schneeberger
    A young rural doctor is accused of sedating and sexually assaulting two of his female patients. DNA testing reveals that the doctor is innocent, but the women still insist that he sedated and raped them. On three occasions blood was taken from the doctors arm for DNA testing and each time came back as a "No Match." Seven years later, a private investigator hired by one of the women, takes a chap stick from the Doctor's car - has it tested for DNA, and finds that it MATCHES the semen from the alleged rapes. The doctor had successfully fooled DNA experts and police by inserting a tube of another man's blood into his arm."

This is an amazing book if you like forensics